Note: If you are already comfortable with the Character Generation process of this RPG and don’t want to wade back through all the various details and descriptions there is a Quick Character Gen section in the Appendix at the back of the book.



Your Vital Stats represent the natural attributes common to every sentient creature in the game world. These are not trained skills, but inborn potential that can enhance your skills. Every skill you possess will have a target number that you have to beat to successfully use that skill. It will also have a magnitude that you will also have to beat. Your stats act as a bonus that gets added to your magnitude roll on every skill check.

Vital Stats are Toughness; Reflexes; Instinct; and Savvy.



This stat represents a combination of strength, vitality, and overall tenacity. It’s not just about the punishment you can dish out but how much you can take and how stubbornly you can hang on once you’ve taken all anyone ever thought you could take and still keep going.


This stat represents both speed and reaction time as well as your level of resiliency and ability to flow and adapt in a given situation, your ability to process peripheral sensory information and engage your body in immediate response.


This stat represents your ability to process the unseen, to put together unrelated bits of data and act on them before you have any real conscious reason to do so, to trust the beast within and just do what needs doing without question or hesitation.


This stat represents your understanding of the world around you, measuring your understanding of human nature and how people react under varying levels of stress. It encompasses both knowledge and reason and a wealth of life lessons that levels the playing field between passion and logic and allows you to see past the facade people wear down to the thoughts that hide behind their vacant smiles.

Stats are measured from 0-9 with whatever number you assign to them being the active bonus that that stat provides to the magnitude roll of any skill that plays off of it. For instance, if you have a Reflexes stat of 3 and you are attempting to walk a tightrope between two buildings, you would automatically add 3 points to your magnitude roll to succeed at your Acrobatics roll.

You have eight points to divide between your four vital stats however you wish, but no stat may be more than 3 points higher than any other stat. Effectively, this means none of your stats will start out higher than 4 at the beginning of play.

Stats can increase throughout play, but the rule remains in effect that no stat may be more than 3 points higher than any other.

A stat of 0 is perfectly acceptable. It doesn’t mean you don’t have that stat. It merely means you don’t get a magnitude bonus to skill rolls attached to that stat.




Combat initiative is based off of REFLEXES (+ Combat Rank). Arcane initiative is based off of INSTINCT (+ Arcana rank). Infiltration initiative is based off of SAVVY (+ Infiltration Rank).


When your character dies there is a chance that the Taint will bring him back. This is determined by rolling one d10 against the die that is currently up in your queue. If your current die reads 1 then you must roll 1 or higher to come back. If it reads 2 you must roll 2 or higher, etc. Each time you roll against your Death Dice, that die is burnt and you move onto your next die if you are killed again. If you fail a roll you roll again against the next die until you succeed or run out of dice. Each roll gets one step harder. Until the last die.

When you reach your 9th and final death die, you get to add your current Toughness to that die roll, throwing all your tenacity and will into the mix in a last desperate attempt to stay alive. If you succeed you lose one point of toughness, but your character is alive and you get to keep your last Death Die. Next time you have to roll your death die you get to add your toughness in again (again at its current value). If you succeed you lose another point of toughness, but your character is alive and you get to keep your last Death Die. When your Toughness reaches zero, you still keep your last Death Die, but the next time you roll (even if your toughness increases again through experience) you don’t get to add anything in and that die is lost. If you survive this roll, you will not get another one.

Note: It is never required for a player to roll his death dice. If you prefer to let your character die at that phase of the game he can stay dead. You will not get another opportunity once you declare his death final.





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