Note: If you are already comfortable with the Character Generation process of this RPG and don’t want to wade back through all the various details and descriptions there is a Quick Character Gen section in the Appendix at the back of the book.



Your character will gain a +2 bonus to your Magnitude die whenever rolling Lore checks that apply to the region you are most familiar with in the Broken Lands. Natural and Social Lore checks will be most frequently affected, but Occult and Heraldry will also see a fair amount of play in this regard. (Note: Checks versus Natural Lore are usually directly related to Survival issues).

Gypsii characters gain the benefit of having 2 regions to be familiar with, but one of those regions must either be Plains or Maelstrom. Gypsii who sail the Maelstrom must choose Coastal or Citadel as their secondary Region.

Warden characters spend most of their lives in the Forests even if they are from adjacent villages, therefore players choosing to run Wardens must choose to take Forests as their region for the standard +2 bonus or divide their regions between Forest and Plains or Forest and Mountains at a Lore bonus of +1 each. Warden characters are the only characters who are permitted to choose Forests as their region.

Certain Regions also offer bonus Skills or Languages.



The following Regions are available to player characters as their familiar Region in the Broken Lands:

The Citadel – Major port city. Characters who choose this region can add High Citadel to their spoken languages.

Coastal – Any region directly adjacent to the Ocean (usually with river access for trade inland)

The Desert Wastes – Cracked desert land with exposed bedrock surrounded by dunes.

Forests – Only Wardens may choose Forests as their familiar Region. Forests are sentient and prone to use compulsion to lull living creatures into sleep and then draw them down to be devoured under their roots.

Maelstrom – Characters may choose to be lifelong sailors who live out the bulk of their days on the sea. These characters gain the added bonus of being able to use their Practical Lore check to Pilot, Navigate, or Sail any vessel. These characters can also add High Citadel to their spoken languages

Mountains – Beyond the Forests, Plains, and Deserts, the Mountains are rich with resources and land.

Plains – A constant battleground between men and wildlings, the plains have few settlements but are often home to wanderers and nomads.

Reaches – No characters may choose the blasted isles of the Reaches as their familiar Region as these are unable to support sustained occupation.

Players who wish, can go to the SETTING page for a more detailed description of the various regions of the gameworld.





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